the articulate pear

The Articulate Pear team is professional, enthusiastic and positive. We really like what we do. We like collaborating with each other and with our clients. We figure you spend far too much time at work not to love it. We choose to work with people who love what they do too, because their passion and enthusiasm matches ours.

The Articulate Pear was formed in 2011 when Sonia Casanova and Leah Walsh combined their individual marketing consultancy and graphic design practices. Sonia and Leah had collaborated over many years on numerous projects for clients across diverse industries. The logical next step was to merge the two individual businesses to create The Articulate Pear.

While The Articulate Pear is relatively new, Sonia and Leah have plenty of industry know-how. Between the pair, they have over 40 years of marketing and graphic design experience in their respective professions.

Sonia and Leah have been joined by Shiron Kirkman, Jane Hume, Maddison Curtin and Oumi Karenga-Hewitt to form a dynamic and specialised team.


NSW Business Chamber Business Awards 2015 Regional Finalist


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